12 | Feel It, Face It, Feed Off of It

Superman Flying

12 | Feel It, Face It, Feed Off of It

Feel it. Face it. Feed off it! We have a guest host - Bob Anderson, with Star Performance. You won't want to miss this one all around overcoming FEAR!
Superman Flying

Fear is the great equalizer between mildly successful salespeople and WILDY successful salespeople.

You need to find new business fast.  Let us help you scale your efforts – research, reach out, and engage the best prospects for your property.  Then learn to quickly automate the process to be able to reach more people faster.  We blend sales skills with some great technology in order to help you find and close sales faster.

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Loren Gray with Hospitality Digital Marketing convinced me to create a biweekly podcast – “It’ll be easy” he said.  Not so much.  But really rewarding.  I ended up interviewing some fantastic people in between my own sales podcast rants.  I hope you enjoy!

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