13 | Client Advisory Board in the Age of Covid

Join my guest Elaine Sandoval, Corporate Director of Sales at Pacific Hospitality Group who shares the value of bringing together a group of clients over the past year.
Elaine Sandoval

The pandemic caused a lot of sales people and clients to part ways.  Fear, uncertainty, furloughs – these all contributed to radio silence between clients and hotels – except for the occasional cancellation.  

Everyone knew that keeping in touch with your clients during the pandemic was important, but it was a challenge.  Elaine Sandoval talks about how her organization brought a group of clients together, along with the hotel company leadership, to educate, communicate and strengthen bonds.  

In my Influencer Sales training class, I talk a lot about the value of positioning yourself as a trusted advisor for your clients, and when I heard what Elaine had done, I knew I wanted her on my podcast!  I hope you enjoy learning how she coordinated and executed this fantastic idea, and all of the benefits she realized.



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