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Co-Op Training Options

Creating Awareness

Using LinkedIn to Position YOU as a Valuable Resource and Trusted Advisor

Buyers have changed.  Sellers have changed.  Using LinkedIn as a B2B sales tool is an essential skill.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Build a Better Profile – background images, featured images, better headlines and an About section to wow.
  • Find leads using filters – best practices, shortcuts
  • Share relevant content that will get you noticed – and use to guide your prospects
  • Create a video sales email (see sample below) to message your prospects – helps you stand out
  • Use the right Call to Action that will get you higher responses

4 Hours – In Person

Tell Your Story Through Video

Lumen5 is an amazing APP – learn best practices to tell your most engaging story!

What We’ll Cover:

  • Writing Your Script – Your Prospect is the Hero
  • Engage your audience by showing their past and present obstacles
  • Position your property as the best solution
  • Learn to marry visuals with words for the best emotional connections
  • Step by step instructions on how to use Lumen5 like a pro
  • Publishing and Sharing – Get the most exposure for your videos by sharing them the right way on social channels or via email
  • See the Family Reunion Video below

4 Hours – in Person


Lumen5 - Storytelling

Don’t make boring videos!  Learn how to craft your story

  • Create your hero to grab your prospect
  • Describe their challenges
  • Position your property as their ideal solution
  • Selecting the right visuals
Lumen5 offers videos to help you use the app, we’ll teach you how to tell a better story.

1 Hour – Zoom Workshop

Digital Marketing Basics


Owned, Earned and Paid Media

Each has a place in your strategy

Learn to use the right media at the right time in the traveler’s journey

Learn about realistic ROI expectation at each point in the funnel

1 Hour – Zoom Workshop

Social Media Top Ten

Best Practices to Target the Social Media Algorithms

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – when to use text only, video, or video shorts

Designing the Call to Action to grow your audience

Hashtags, Emojis and Tagging – what you need to know.

1 hour – Zoom Webinar

What is a Video Sales Email? Here is a sample.

Sample Lumen5 Story - Family Reunions are Hard