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You know that adding videos to your emails and sales presentations can help you stand apart – but it seems overwhelming and expensive.  NOT TRUE!  This course will give you everything you need to make engaging videos FAST – and without spending a lot of money.



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If you want to learn how to use video to help your sales grow, this is your course.  We will provide everything you need to get started.

Videos inspire trust, make it easier to communicate concepts, accelerate the sales process and help you grow more sales.  But a lot of salespeople avoid video because they think it is too complicated or expensive.  NOT TRUE.  We give you in depth advice on every aspect.

What hardware do you need?  We cover lighting, cameras, microphones and handy accessories.  What about software?  Not only  do we give you a review of several really simple apps that are available for you to use, we also show you samples and give your pricing.  We have done all of the homework for you.

We also give you step by step instructions – along with how to videos – to produce a sales video email – and how to deliver a compelling virtual site inspection.  You will be able to set yourself apart from all of your competitors.  You will get noticed first – and we will give you everything you need to know about what apps to use to help you do a better job of showing off your property!

This course offers six lessons:
1 – Introduction – the Opportunities and Concept
2 – Hardware Review – cameras, microphones, lighting, extras
3 – Software Review – apps to create sales email videos and more in-depth videos to tell your story
4 – Video Sales Emails – how to video, step by step checklist
5 – Delivering a Compelling Virtual Site Inspection – preparation, how to video and step by step checklist
6 – Summary and Additional Resources – always improve your skills!

Learn today how to use video to grow your sales!

Sample sales video email:



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