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What is metasearch and how can you use it to compete with the OTAs?  The complicated landscape of Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Bing and Kayak is untangled in this amazing course.



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Base Camp Meta presents everything you need to know about hotels and metasearch.  We cover all of the essentials in this program.  We start with a clear overview and appropriate goal setting for meta, the most important first step.  Then we share incremental revenue increases vs. channel shifts, budgeting recommendations,  connectivity, Google, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Bing, and Trivago.  Nowhere else can you find such a comprehensive, unbiased, and easy to follow guide about getting the most out of metasearch for your hotel.

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 Meta What Is It?

What we cover:

Metasearch 101 – what is it, how can it help?

Metasearch Connectivity

Topping Off – should you or shouldn’t you?

Google and Metasearch – unraveling the complexities

Metasearch and TripAdvisors – best practices

Metasearch and Trivago, Kayak and Bing

What is new in 2022?

Dean Schmit Program Author

With more than 25-years experience in the hospitality industry, I specialize in building and optimizing metasearch marketing programs.  My depth of experience also includes electronic distribution, revenue management, reputation management, and many other facets of digital marketing.

Having worked both as a technology vendor and as a hotel supplier, I bring a unique perspective on how solutions work from multiple perspectives.

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