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You have 45 seconds to make a great first impression.  Reservation sales – lookers to bookers helps you stand apart right away and assure your callers they want to work with YOU!  We will give you the skills and insights you need to close more sales.

This price includes our online learning module – 7 videos and activities, and it also includes a one on one coaching session to practice what you have learned.



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Everyone works so hard to get the hotel phone to ring – salespeople pound the pavement looking for business, marketing analyzes and crafts the perfect marketing message, revenue management reviews the competition and the market to make sure our pricing is right – and finally success – the phone rings!  The customer is calling us.  Now what?

This program provides the training, knowledge, and the proven system to ensure that once a customer decides to pick up that phone to make an inquiry – that we can turn them from a looker to a booker!  We make answering reservation inquiries a positive and caring experience for your potential guests so that you can grow your sales and build a loyal customer base.


  • Understand your role in the guest booking cycle
  • Start every call out in an upbeat positive manner
  • Ask the right questions, in the right way to better understand your callers
  • Set yourself apart from your competition by presenting a compelling story to your caller
  • Upsell the offer, close the sale and increase profitability!


Anyone who might pick up a reservation call!

  • Front desk agents
  • Night auditors
  • Reservation agents
  • Sales managers
  • Property Owners

What we cover:

Lesson  1 – What’s your goal?

Lesson 2 – How and why people buy.

Lesson 3 – First impressions.

Lesson 4 – Call back strategies.

Lesson 5 – Qualifying the caller.

Lesson 6 – Presenting your offer.

Lesson 7 – Presenting Options and upselling.

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson, Program Author

I love creating and implementing selling and service programs for the hospitality industry. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to help hotels and companies to compete more successfully for over 25 years.

I am proud to say that our consulting business has helped our customers to Increase Revenue, Improve Service and Decrease Turnover.

Our organization has developed these popular and proven programs:

  • Building the Sales Pipeline (BSP).

  • The Culture of Service.

  • 4-C Squared Sales Training & Shop Call System.

  • Reservations Profit Model (RPM).

Our company motto is “Training that Sticks.” We truly provide customized systems, not just seminars.

These systems provide on-going training and support backed by a credible measurement tool. This process ensures that the training content is implemented, better habits are formed, and targeted goals are achieved.

Our clients range from single properties to medium sized ownership and management companies and major brands.

I am proud to serve on the HSMAI Sales Advisory Board and was awarded the HSMAI Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality Sales, Marketing and Revenue Optimization.

I have been introduced as “a highly sought speaker and presenter who has an upbeat and entertaining way of communicating with his audiences”.


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