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Today, when someone picks up the phone to call your hotel and inquire about a room – they have already done their research and made up their mind.  This reservation is yours IF you can assure this caller that YOU are the right person to do business with. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who should take this course?

Hotel Front Desk Agents, Front Office Managers, Reservations, and Revenue Managers  – anyone who might pick up a phone at the front desk.

  • Guest Service Agents
  • Call Center Agents
  • Managers or Directors
  • Directors of Sales and Marketing
  • Revenue Managers & Directors

Learning Path

This session will set the stage for additional sessions – it sets the foundation to build on. We will discuss the critical importance of understanding what the first true goal in hospitality is and we’ll break it down into the two key actions needed to achieve this goal. We will also discuss how this training will greatly benefit every participant, and how it’s applicable whether they are planning to stay in hospitality or have plans for a career in another industry.

13 minutes video and activities – 30 minutes.

This session will focus on “How” and “Why” customers choose one property over another. Hint: it is not just because of your price, product, or place (location). We will discuss how customers find you, and then why many of them still pick up the phone to call you to book. We will explain the difference between “Managing a Transaction” and “Selling an Experience.” 

14 minute videos and activities – 30 minutes

This session will deal with how critical, and challenging, creating positive first impressions with customers can be.  And how those first impressions can turn into lasting ones.  Opportunities to interact directly with an existing or potential new customer are likely to be less frequent and therefore more valuable than ever in the current environment.  And those interactions are likely to have an impact on whether you stand out and get a chance to capture the business now and in the future.  In short, these positive customer interactions are necessary for recovery and long-term stability.

20 minute video and activity – 30 minutes.

This session will discuss the two key elements of proper phone etiquette processes. These include Proper On-Hold Strategies and Proper Call-Back Strategies. These situations happen most often within the critical first 45-seconds of the call and can make or break the establishment of customer Like and Trust. While simple in concept, they are incredibility important to implement in a constituent manner. “Little things mean a lot.”

17 minute videos and activities.  30 minutes.


In order to find the right room at the right rate for your callers, you will want to find out a little bit about them first.  But the questions you ask AND the way you ask them are important.  That is what we will cover in this session.

30 minute video and activities – 40 minutes.

If you have asked the right questions, and you have gotten to know your customer a little bit, you are ready to really set yourself apart from all the rest by telling your story.

One 15 minutes video and activity – 30 minutes

You have qualified the caller and discovered when and why they are coming to your area.  You have told your story, and build a great rapport with the guest.  Now it is time to quote rates and close the sale. That is what we will cover in this session.

31 minute video and activities – 45 minutes

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Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson, President, Star Performance

With more than 25-years experience in the hospitality industry, I specialize in building and optimizing metasearch marketing programs.  My depth of experience also includes electronic distribution, revenue management, reputation management, and many other facets of digital marketing.

Having worked both as a technology vendor and as a hotel supplier, I bring a unique perspective on how solutions work from multiple perspectives.

My mission is to educate and enable metasearch for both hotels and digital agencies.  This will help them drive direct bookings and business growth.


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