Stuff I Use For Video Emails

Stuff I Use to Make Video Emails

Everyone always asks me what I use so I made this page to show the specifics.  Full disclosure – I do get paid by Amazon if you buy via my link for these Amazon products. I think it is about 20 cents!  

Ulanzi Grip – this is my favorite thing.  I think it is on sale right now! Link to Amazon 

Ubeesize Phone Tripod – I use this to attach my phone and place it behind my laptop so my teleprompter  can be directly above my camera. Link to Amazon

Lume Cube – I use this for my lighting.  I LOVE it – BUT I think some of those less expensive ring lights would probably be as good.  The feature I like is the warmness degrees – it goes from warm to bright and I really like those options.  Link to Amazon

Audio Technica Microphone – I teach online for a living so sound is really important to me so I splurged.  However, I will give you a great, far less expensive option below that really does come close. Link to Amazon

Movo Microphone – I use this one sometimes and I am a little amazed at how good it is. Link to Amazon

Movo Microphone with shock mount – You can attach this to your Ulanzi Grip and your phone if you ever want to do walking videos. And if you ever go outside, the Deadcat Windscreen (fluffy thing) stops the wind noise Link to Amazon

backdrop photos

Backdrops – If you don’t have a great plain but nice looking backdrop, buy one.  You can get them as cheaply as $7!  But of course there is more.  You need the stand also and maybe some clips.  All in, it is still less than $100.  And then you can change it if you want for $7! The link here is who I have used because they are inexpensive!    Link to Backdrops