Digital Sales Audits

A New Approach

We want to measure how your sales team is performing using relevant measures. We think the traditional sales shop isn't as effective as a 360 degree snapshot of their revenue growth activities. Our criteria is listed below.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is your brand.  We evaluate what your brand is telling your prospects.  Are you looking for a job?  Or are you looking to help your clients?  We evaluate your photos, media, headline, about content and your endorsements.

LinkedIn Activities

We evaluate the groups you join, what you post, how often you share content and any insights you  shared.  Decision makers use LinkedIn to find valuable partners, we know your salespeople should have a strong presence.

Inbound Sales

When a prospect calls or emails, how quickly do you respond?  Is your team engaging?  Do they make an exceptional first impression?  Do they share a vision of what your property can provide?  We evaluate response time, engagement and the messaging conveyed. 


What are the outbound efforts of your sales team?  Are they making prospeting calls or sending prospecting emails?  We’ll evaluate efforts vs results – who are they targeting?  How are they reaching out?  How often?  Are their proposals compelling and clear?

Account Management

How well do your sellers understand their accounts?  Are they targeting the right departments?  Are they asking for referrals?  How frequently do they reach out?  Do they add value?  We evaluate the depth of account managing we know closes more sales.


What works best in your market?  We want to tailor our audits to ensure we are measuing what makes the most sense for your specific markets. We work with you and the DOSM to ensure that everyone is onboard with the value and accuracy of what we are measuring.. 

Our Process

Auditing without setting clear expectations and providing effective training is demotivating and will actually cost you sales.  We recommend an assessment first.  We will take a look under the hood and identify revenue opportunities.  We will set a starting point.  Then we recommend training your team on your expectations.  After a few months of your salespeople using their new skills, we come back in and perform an audit.  We share results through reporting and coaching.  We recommend performing audits twice a year after training.  

Along the way, we generally find systems that can be improved, proposals that should be rewritten and new technology that can make your sales department more efficient.  We include all of our recommendations with each audit so that you can continually be improving your sales, marketing and customer experiences.

Sales Audit

Prices vary based on criteria
$ 199 Per Person
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Activities
  • Inbound
  • Outreach