$125 per hour for 1-4 people

  • Choose the right software
  • Make scheduling easy
  • Make the meeting productive
  • Stop wasting time!

If you have found yourself working from home, managing a team who is also working from home, or just need to learn how to use Zoom, we can help.

We offer one on one training/coaching for anyone who needs help navigating either the technical side of online meetings – or as important, how to make online meetings run smoothly.    

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Consulting Services


Customers watch videos.  A lot.  We can help you tell a story – your story – through video.  We have put a few samples here of videos we have made for our sales program.  You can see the different possibilities and styles.  

Video Software

We have found several cheap – or even free – apps that we can train you on.  Or we can make the videos for you.  Your choice!

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are very handy.  They usually feature a whiteboard or blackboard and a hand drawing and writing.  People are compelled to see what is being written – these videos drive more engagement.