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Metasearch has continued to grow in importance as part of the direct booking movement for hotels.  Our team has worked on metasearch campaigns for individual hotels, large brands, and even some OTAs.  This course brings you the lessons we have learned about maximizing your revenues through Meta.

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Who should take this course?

Hospitality Agency, Hotel eCommerce or Marketing professionals who need to have a comprehensive understanding of the current Metasearch landscape.

  • Hospitality Digital Marketing Agencies, Account Managers
  • Hotel eCommerce Managers or Directors
  • Directors of Sales and Marketing
  • Revenue Managers & Directors
  • General Managers

A glimpse into the questions we will answer...

Learning Path

What is metasearch and what can it do for you?

In this session we lay the framework for you to get the most out of metasearch.  We cover realistic goal setting, looking at new customers vs. channel shifts, budgeting and the marketing funnel.  It is a brief overview of the tool that can start to impact your revenues today.

Five 8 minutes videos and activities – 45 minutes.

Metasearch is a unique form of digital advertising in that you not only have to manage the marketing campaign, but also the distribution of rates and availability.  This webinar will provide a high-level overview of metasearch connectivity.  

Four 10 minute videos and activities – 60 minutes

This section is targeted specifically towards branded hotels.  Many of the large chains are already investing in metasearch marketing campaigns at the brand level.  What does this mean for your individual hotel, and how can you compliment these efforts to achieve greater results?

One 10 minute video and activity – 20 minutes.

Google may not be the only metasearch channel, but they are by far the most important.  This section will review the Google metasearch landscape, and dive further into the unique marketing levers that can be used with the channel.  We will look at both manual and automatic techniques for managing your campaign and review the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to consider.  We also discuss the pros and cons of assisted booking programs with a focus towards Book on Google (BoG).

Three 10 minute videos and activities.  45 minutes.


TripAdvisor has had a very storied past when it comes to metasearch.  While they are by no means at the same scale as Google, they do play an especially important role for certain demographics.  Here, we will look at their metasearch programs, as well as many of the other marketing features of this channel.

Two videos and activities – 30 minutes.

We have combined these 3 channels into one webinar to provide a high-level overview of each.  We talk about their traveler demographics, as well as some unique selling points you may not have been aware of.

One 15 minutes video and activity – 20 minutes

Updates happen – and we are here to keep you informed.  Find out about new changes that have taken place in the last few months.

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Price - $199 per person

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Dean Schmit, Program Author, Owner Base Camp Meta

With more than 25-years experience in the hospitality industry, I specialize in building and optimizing metasearch marketing programs.  My depth of experience also includes electronic distribution, revenue management, reputation management, and many other facets of digital marketing.

Having worked both as a technology vendor and as a hotel supplier, I bring a unique perspective on how solutions work from multiple perspectives.

My mission is to educate and enable metasearch for both hotels and digital agencies.  This will help them drive direct bookings and business growth.