Additional Resources

We have provided several additional resources here to support the Best Western webinar – Stop Fishing Start Catching.  

Sample Emails

In the webinar I shared the 4 key parts to every email – Strong Subject line, Why you are writing to them NOW, ONE result you can get for them and a Call to Action that asks if they are the right person.  

In the attached pdf, I have some more samples of emails that follow this pattern for you to find some inspiration.  

What about the phone?

Most often you end up getting voicemail today – so scripting out an exciting, to the point voicemail is important if you want a call back.  We have a sample here.

LinkedIn Messaging

The same approach can be taken via LinkedIn messaging – eventually!  Don’t start selling right out of the gate – or right after you make a connection.  First I try to add some value for them – here is a link to an interesting blog post or video you might find helpful.  Then I will follow up with one of these examples.

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