HDME Welcome

Welcome to the Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials Virtual Classroom

We have a great series of digital marketing study planned for you.  To get you started we have three assignments to complete before class starts.

First – please take a few minutes and watch this video on the history of the internet – as it pertains to hotel digital marketing.  It runs about 22 minutes and it is just a quick walk through the last 35 years or so (with the time appropriate music along with it!).  This covers chapter one of the study guide.  The video is at the bottom of this page.

Second is to join Trello.  Please go toTrello.com and sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one.  We will use a Trello board for the web series so you will get a head start if you get to know Trello a little. 

Our classes will be held via Zoom Meetings.  We would love it if you would have your video on – the class is very interactive and much more engaging if we can see you!  But, if your computer doesn’t have a camera, not to worry, it isn’t required.  If you are not familiar with Zoom, feel free to log on 10-15 minutes early for the first class and we will give you a tour.

Third – We also have the study guide on this page for you to download.  Just fyi – this study guide is about 288 pages (in case you are planning to print it!).  If you want to get a head start, you can peruse the chapters we will cover in that week’s session.  For week one, we will cover chapters 1-3.

See you soon!

Holly Zoba (holly@scoutsimply.com)
Dan Wacksman (dan@sassato.com)