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3 | Time Management

I do listen to two podcasts pretty religiously – The first is called Sleep with me and trust me, it isn’t what you think. I cannot quite figure out how it works but I will be forever grateful to Will Traynor for introducing me to it. It is a podcast that puts you to sleep. I have an echo dot in my bedroom and when I cannot fall asleep (or back to sleep) I say, Alexa, play the Sleep with me Podcast and on comes this very odd man. He doesn’t necessarily have a soothing voice and honestly, I cannot tell you exactly why or how, but he puts me to sleep almost immediately. I mean, right away – I cannot tell you even one topic that he talks about because I never make it that far and I am out. I am just hopeful that he isn’t doing some sort of suggestive hypnosis that is telling me to do nefarious things. But, it is a risk I am obviously willing to take in order to get some good sleep!

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2 | Big Event Planner Interview

I kept hearing about how much trouble these event planners were causing my hotel sales clients and I thought, why are they trying to persecute us iwth all these cancellations? So I called two big event planners I know and they definitely explained things to me from a new perspective! Lance Fensterman is the President of ReedPop and Matthew Brown is the Managing Director of C2C Events.

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1 | Drama Llama

For our first show, we found ourselves in week one of of a global shutdown so I wanted to share some help for handling stressful times. Hope this helps!

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