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Hybrid learning is a blend of daily short, self-paced, interactive, e-learning sessions combined with a weekly, live, facilated workshop to put into practice what you have learned in a group setting.

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Introducing Influencer Digital Sales Training for Hotels.  Why hire an influencer when you can become one?  We help hotel sales and catering people understand the new buyer’s approach and give them the strategies, tools and confidence they need to find and engage prospects earlier, help buyers make sense of the overwhelming amount of information available, and close more sales.

Learn 12 new apps – and how to use them wisely!  You won’t know how you ever managed your sales life without them!

Completing this course will help you:

Who should take this course?

Sales and marketing professionals who need to advance their digital relationship building skills. 

Regional, Corporate and Property Level:

  • Directors of Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Managers
  • Catering Sales Managers
  • Revenue Managers & Directors
  • eCommerce Managers
  • General Managers

A glimpse into the strategies and apps we will share..

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Learning Path
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Buyers have changed, shouldn’t your approach change too?

In this session we introduce how our buyer’s path to purchase has changed, and how what used to work won’t cut it anymore.  We will create buyer personas and learn some new research tools to get a deeper understanding of the business of our customers.

5 days, 15- 20 minutes per day, e-learning and one 45 minute workshop to build out our buyer personas.

This week is all around positioning YOU as a trusted resource and valuable advisor – in short, an influencer.  We will work on your LinkedIn profile, groups and activities.  

4 days of 15-20 minute e-learning activities and one 45 minute workshop to build our your ideal LinkedIn Influencer profile.

This week our buyers move into the explore phase and we will focus on inserting us into their research phase.  We’ll focus on the right way to share content and a quick way to craft an Influencer prospecting email.  We’ll learn some apps like and Conten Gems.

4 Days of 15-20 e-Learning activities and one 45 minutes workshop around crafting an Influencer prospecting email.

When our buyer is ready to talk to us, how can we be best prepared to respond first – and in a noteworthy way?  We will learn to tell a great story, through video and landing pages.  Not a tech genious?  That’s okay, we found a few easy apps to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Four days of 15-20 e-Learning activities and one 45 minute workshop to create a video.

This week we will focus on communicating better in writing – emails, propsoals and social posts.  We’ll learn what words are more persuasive than others and to use some apps for better writing skills.

4 Days of 15-20 minute e-Learning activities and one 45 minute workshop around better proposals.

We will wrap up this week by focusing on turning our customers into salespeople for us.  We will also learn some apps to keep us engaged with our clients in a way that adds value long term.

Three days of 15-20 minute e-Learning activities.

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Price - $395 per person

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